My friend makes really good wine and I am considering starting myself. What do I need to get started? 
Most new winemakers actually get started because they have tried wine made from our kits. Wine Kitz stores offer a starter package of equipment consisting of everything you will need to process your first wine kit. All of the equipment is re-usable and high quality. Once you have your equipment kit, it is a simple matter of choosing the type of wine you wish to make. Just follow the step-by-step recipe included in the ingredient kit and you are guaranteed to make fine wine. We also offer in-store wine making. You choose the type of wine you wish to make, mix the ingredients in the store (takes about five minutes) and return 6-9 weeks later to bottle the finished wine using modern bottling and corking equipment! 

How long will I have to age my wine before I can drink it? 
Your wine will be very palatable soon after you bottle, particularly if you decant the wine for an hour or two before serving. As the wine ages in the bottle, you will be excited to find how the wine softens and matures. Our staff can provide you with aging guides for each brand of wine kit. 

What are the best conditions to make wine?
Fortunately, great wine can be made in most household environments. You don’t need a lot of space. Most winemakers make wine in the basement or in the kitchen as it is handy to have a water source nearby. Best temperature range is 65 – 75 F. (18 – 24C.). Because you are working with a kit, there is virtually no odour involved.

What are the best conditions to store wine?
If you intend to age the bottled wine for a long time, it is important to have a cool environment with a temperature range of 50 – 64 F. (10 – 18 C.). In this range, the wine will gently mature at an ideal rate. If the storage conditions are warmer, the wine will mature rapidly so avoid prolonged aging. .

How do I know what quality of wine kit to purchase?
Our business is built on providing a wine very similar to the commercial wine that you like at a fraction of the price. Our trained staff will make suggestions based on the quality and price point of the wine you purchase. We strongly suggest that, when you get started, you make the highest quality wine kit available. The cost savings are well worth it and you will have wine that tastes like fine commercial wine at a fraction of the cost!

How many bottles does a kit make? 
Most kits make 23 litres (6 US gallons) or about 30, 750 mL bottles. To a newcomer, this may sound like a lot of wine but keep in mind that, if you are like most winemakers, you will likely give some bottles away because you are so proud of the results!

 What about beer?
 Although we do not make beer on the premises, we do offer a selection of 
 kits, supplies, and equipment for the home brewer.


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